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Photo of Yen-Yu Tina Chen

Yen-Yu Tina Chen
Graduate Student (2009 - present)

Yen-Yu Tina Chen is interested in the neuronal disorders and the
underlining mechanisms.  Her current project is studying the biologic
functions of a novel Parkinson’s disease (PD) suppressor gene, using
Xenopaus as a model system.

Tina earlier discovered novel PD suppressor genes using a DNA
microarray performed on a stressed alpha-synuclein Drosophila PD
model.  She later showed that the mouse homologue of one such gene is
neuroprotective against alpha-synuclein A30P toxicity in vitro and in
vivo by suppressing dopamine neuron loss and reversing motor deficits
in mice.

Tina is currently a Neuroscience PhD student of SUNY Stony Brook in
NY[, and a member of Dart Neuroscience LLC]. She is mentored by Dr.
Tim Tully and now trained with Dr. Cline. [Her other training are on
studying postnatal neurogenesis (lab of Dr. Grigori Enikolopov at
CSHL) and transcriptional regulation on neural differentiation (lab of
Dr. Gail Mandel at SUNY).

[Tina received a M.S. in developmental biology and teratology from
Thomas Jefferson University at Philadelphia, and a B.S. in medical
technology from China Medical College (in Taiwan).]

Tina’s other professional interests are learning and memory,
decision-making, human genetics, high throughput proteomics, and biology of evolution.