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Christopher Thompson

Research Associate (2011 - present)

BS Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution U of Illinois Champaign/Urbana
PhD Neurobiology and Behavior U of Washington

Past positions: Post-doctoral Fellow, Freie Universität, Berlin Germany

My research focuses on which factors regulate plasticity of behaviorally-relevant brain circuits. One critical issue is how changes in the proliferation rate of new neurons affects their integration and connectivity to afferent inputs. This is a critical issue because very little is known how the rate of neural stem cell proliferation alters the structure of already functioning brain circuits. The retinotectal system off the African clawed tadpole (Xenopus laevis) is an ideal model for addressing this issue because neuronal processes can be easily imaged in this well-characterized brain circuit. I will manipulate the rate neuronal proliferation in the optic tectum by altering thyroid hormone signaling, which is a critical regulator of nervous system development in frogs, because exogenous thyroid hormone potentiates neurogenesis, and blocking thyroid hormone signaling attenuates it. Thus I will alter the rate of proliferation and observe how the axons of retinal ganglion cells respond to changes in the numbers of target neurons in the optic tectum.


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* shared first authorship