•   Mailing Address
    Mike Cameron, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of DMPK
    Department of Molecular Therapeutics
    Scripps Florida
    130 Scripps Way #2A1
    Jupiter, Florida 33458

  •   Phone and Fax Numbers
    Dr. Cameron: (561) 228-2223 / cameron@scripps.edu
    Kate O'Brien (Admin):  (561) 228-2240 / kobrien@scripps.edu
    Fax: (561) 228-3088
    DMPK Requests: dmpk-fl@scripps.edu


A Day in the Life of the Cameron Crew

Cameron Lab at Leftovers
The Cameron lab at our postdoc Marsha's farewell lunch, celebrating Marsha's new job offer in the pharmaceutical industry. Good luck, Marsha! We will miss you! 
The Cameron lab braces themselves for a sunny photo op in front of our favorite building on the Scripps campus - ours!
The Cameron lab poses beside Scripps Florida's antibody sculpture, created by Julian Voss-Andreae and entitled "Angel of the West." The sculpture mimics Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" with its circular frame. 
Xiaohai introduces our high school guest scientist Rebecca to the Cameron lab's mass spectrometry facility. Whoever said summer break was boring has clearly never worked here!
Marsha's Goodbye Cake
Xiaohai supervises his scientific protégé as she proceeds to master that all-important scientific art form - pipetting. The lab gathers for one last photoshoot with Marsha before she leaves her Cameron lab postdoc. The one critical subject not pictured here is the raspberry amaretto cake!