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Postdoc Open-Mic Night

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Upcoming events

April 18th (Wedensday) 6pm
Speakers: Robin Willenbring (TSRI), Gaurav Mendiratta (Salk)
Tristen Tyler Blake (Founder & CEO of The Machine Learning Society and CO)
Alex Nemiroski (Head of Flowcell Development and Metrology at Omniome)
Sponsored by Nanostring

May 16th (Wedensday) 6pm
Speakers: Tatiana Zyrianova (TSRI), Christa Trexler (UCSD), Donald Slater (Oceanography)
Lori Yang (Interim CEO, CSO Lectenz Bio)
Oivin Guicherit (Director of Applications, StemoniX Inc.)
Sponsored by VWR and Echo

June 13th (Wedensday) 6pm
Speakers: Robert Radford (Salk), Madeline Kavanagh (TSRI),  April Moreno (UCSD)
Meital Mazor (VP of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Affairs at Adagio Medical)
Jim Hauske (president and founder at Sensor Pharma)

July 18th (Wedensday) 6pm
Speakers: Shirdi Schmiel (TSRI), Gareth Morgan (TSRI), David Blocquel (TSRI)
Steve Chapple, Founder at Intellectual Capital Media

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About the Open-Mic Night

The open mic night is open to the public. We invite speakers from the surrounding institutes to give short talks and share their science. This event takes place at the Bella Vista Caffe.

The aim of the open mic night is

  • to provide a platform for postdocs to speak in a public setting
  • to foster interaction between the people doing hands-on research in the scientific institutes and companies in the San Diego area, and with local businesses, biotech and the general public.

The format of the evening is that our guest judges give brief talks to introduce themselves and their backgrounds and current ventures, followed by up to seven five-minute talks by postdocs.

These will be roughly on a first-come first-served basis; however, entries may be grouped to provide variety, or depending on the guest judges.  The judges will select winners from the speakers based on their ability to communicate to a wide audience.

The anticipated audience will be a mixture of scientists, business personnel, and general public, so talks should be aimed at those with a limited scientific background, but contain sufficient detail to be of interest to the majority of the audience.

Contact information

For more information, or if you are interested in being a guest judge, please email

Sign up to give a talk

If you would like to give a talk at the Open-Mic event, please email 
Please include your name, institute, and talk title.

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