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SoF Executive Committee



Executive Committee Officers

Daniel Murin, President
Jessica Rabuck-Gibbons, Vice President
Joseph Kuo, Treasurer
Michael Ledbetter, Career Development Chair
Irem Nasir, Industry Bridge Program Chair
Aaron Feldman, Distinguished Lecturer Series Chair
Sebastian Raemisch, Social Chair
Jerome Eberhardt, Social Co-Chair
James Ferguson, Vendor Show Chair
Sierra Simpson, Vendor Show Co-Chair
Sergey Shnitkind, Website Manager


Ryan Wheeler, Postdoctoral Services Office
Jean BrananPostdoctoral Services Office
Shirdi Schmiel, Communications Liaison
Gaia Suckow, NWiS
Daniel Lazar, Graduate Students

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Current and Previous Members

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SoF Executive Committee Positions

The SoF Executive Committee consists of several officer positions whose responsibilities are listed below.


Responsible for calling, organizing and presiding over all SoF meetings. Manages the SoF chairs and Executive Committee and serves as official liaison between SoF and TSRI administration and faculty members. Responsible for upholding the SoF Constitution and presenting the yearly budget.

Vice President

Responsible for taking the minutes at SoF meetings and maintaining a record of SoF events. Functions as the President if and when necessary.


Responsible for overseeing SoF funds and maintaining the financial records of SoF. Responsible for maintaining financial transactions and accounting practices involving SoF money. Works with the president to present the yearly budget.

Social Chair

Responsible for organizing and overseeing SoF social events.

Distinguished Lecturer Series Chair

Responsible for inviting an outstanding member of the research community to present a lecture at TSRI. Responsible for hosting and scheduling meetings and activities for the visiting lecturer.

Career Development Chair

Responsible for managing the travel award program, the Course Reimbursement Program and the Outstanding Mentor Award. Serves as liaison between the SoF and CPSO.

Website Manager

Responsible for regularly updating and maintaining the SoF website. Communicates with all SoF committee members for any website updates and changes.

Vendor Show Chair

Responsible for organizing the annual SoF Vendor Show.

Industry Bridge Program Chair

Responsible for organizing the site visits for the Industry Bridge Program