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Postdoctoral Resources

Scripps Research is committed to excellence in research, education, and training, and recognizes that postdoctoral associates make vital contributions to the institute’s success by generating new ideas and publishing research results.  We provide a number of resources and support services to attract the highest caliber postdocs and to assist them in their professional development.

The Career and Postdoctoral Services Office provides services and programs to all Scripps Research postdocs and graduate students to prepare them for a range of professional endeavors and to support their research training during their temporary appointments.

The institute’s postdoctoral association, the Society of Fellows, is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization designed to encourage both professional and social exchange.  The group sponsors visiting lectures, informal networking events, social activities, and an annual research symposium.  Similarly, the Network for Women in Science hosts meetings and other events with the goal of providing support and guidance for female scientists at Scripps Research. 

Scripps Research also has a number of postdoctoral training programs, funded through the National Institutes of Health, specifically for the purpose of providing training opportunities for postdoctoral associates interested in particular fields of research.

International postdocs and scholars at Scripps Research have access to expert immigration advisors in our International Office.

To view current postdoctoral opportunities, learn about the postdoctoral hiring process and benefits, please visit our Postdoctoral Positions page.