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Microscopy - Laser Capture Microdissection

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LCM Hourly Rate for Usage:  TSRI trained user $30.00/hr
Contact for training.

The Core Microscopy Facility has an Arcturus PixCell II Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) microscope. This instrument is attached to an Olympus IX 50 and is equipped with a Hitachi CCD color camera (KP-D580) This system is also used independently to capture images from H&E or HRP stained sections on glass slides This microscope has the following objectives:

    • 40x air LCPlanFL 0.6na;
    • 20x air LCPlanFL 0.4na;
    • 10x air UPlanFl 0.3na:
    • 4x UPlanFl 0.13na.
    • **also available for higher resolution image capture only are:
    • 100X oil,UPlanApo-1.35na.
    • 60X oil,PlanApo-1.4na
    • 40X oil,UApo-1.35na.
    • 40X air,UPlanApo-0.85na.

With this instrument one can quickly locate a single cell or large group of cells, technically aim-and-shoot and remove specific cells for subsequent molecular analysis. Regardless of whether one uses paraffin-embedded or frozen tissue samples, stained or immunolabeled slides, the LCM preserves the exact morphologies of both the captured cells as well as the surrounding tissue. The system is designed to easily monitor and document the entire process and stores images in the archiving workstation. A video formatted description of capture process is available on line at: