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Microscope Calendars

Online calendars are available to reserve time on each individual instrument and qualified independent users can log on from their own labs to make their own appointments. All of the 7 computers operating the confocal and laser capture microscope(s), imaging workstations as well as the CCD camera for the CM-100 electron microscope are on-line for downloading image data directly to lab computers.

Confocal Zeiss 710 (conf 7)
Confocal Zeiss 780 (conf 9)
Confocal Zeiss 880 Airyscan (conf 11)
BZ-X700 Keyence Scanner (conf10)
Workstation - conf 5
Workstation - conf 6
Workstation - conf 8
Laser Capture
CM-100 (TEM)
S-4800 (SEM) 
Nikon Spinning Disk Confocal
Nikon TIRF/STORM Super resolution Confocal
Leica SP5 Multiphoton Confocal
Nikon STORM Workstation