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The Adibekian Lab - Equipment

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Our lab is equipped with the newest instrumentation!

chemistry hood
Two of our chemistry fume hoods


Biological bench
One of the benches for biological work


cell culture
Laminar flow hoods for mammalian cell culture


QExactive HFX
Newest generation mass spectrometer QExactive HF-X for proteomics work


HPLC and LCQ fleet
Thermo LCQ Fleet LC-MS to monitor chemical reactions


preparative HPLC
Preparative HPLC with an automated fraction collector


Fluorescence scanner
Sapphire biomolecular imager


Fluorescent microscope
Widefield fluorescence microscope


Analytical ultracentrifuge


One of our benchtop centrifuges


microplate reader
Microplate reader


Some of our fridges and freezers


Shaking incubator for bacterial culture


One of our thermal cyclers


One of our rotavaps


CentriVap benchtop vacuum concentrator


laser puller
Laser puller for fabrication of nanoelectrospray emitters for mass spectrometry