Torbett Laboratory


Post-doctoral position in chemical biology and structural virology.

The Torbett group has an active research program within the HIV Interaction and Viral Evolution (HIVE) Center (see: to better understand the evolution of antiviral resistance mutations and their biological and biophysical implications. The Post-Doctoral Fellow will participate in three complementary areas, the first is to screen and identify chemical probes for the HIV Gag polyproteins utilizing SuFEx (Sulfur(VI) Fluoride Exchange) compounds and, secondly, determine the functional and structural consequences of SuFEx binding to both wild type and antiviral resistant HIV Gag polyproteins. Lastly, the Fellow will also be involved in structural studies of HIV Gag – host cell interacting proteins. Post-doctoral applicants must have training/experience in crystallography and protein chemistry and/or biochemistry. Some training in virology, molecular biology, mass spectrometry, and/or computational biology are highly beneficial for the project.

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Bruce Torbett

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Director, Molecular Basis of Viral PathogenesisTraining Grant

Co-Director, CFAR Protein Expression and Proteomics Core

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