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Group xmas


            Oh Bruce...stylin'


Please take that from him!


Picnic 2


Best lab meetings

Christian napping

Science is hard work!

     Baseball 2Play Ball!Baseball3

    Let's play ball!

Ilean bday

Happy Birthday to you...

Pretty Stosh

Photo of Christian

i want this
This willl get them to lab meeting on time!

Jinyun Cathy
Come on down - that's only Bruce calling us to lab meeting with his new gong!

Bruce and Cathy Wang
Another beautiful day in sunny Southern California.


Torbett Lab Members
2012 Torbett Lab Members

Lab Safety Helmet Demonstration
adgadsf adgadsf
Mike Scott Charlie
Good-bye Jinyun, Herra, Joy, and KC
Everyone KC and Herra and Pat
KC Jinyun in car



Bruce Torbett

Department of 
Immunology and Microbiology

The Scripps Research Institute

Director, Molecular Basis of Viral PathogenesisTraining Grant

Co-Director, CFAR Protein Expression and Proteomics Core

10550 North Torrey Pines Road, MEM-131
La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: (858) 784-9123
FAX: (858) 784-7714