Usage: adxv [options] [file [predictions]]


-autoload Automatically load images specified in $XFORMSTATUSFILE
-beam_center X Y Beam Center (mm)
-colormap Create a new colormap
-distance X Distance (mm)
-fast_scan_mm H/V Fast scan direction (mm). Default is H
-fast_scan_px H/V Fast scan direction (pixels). Default is H
-fix_contrast Do not auto adjust image contrast
-flip H/V Flip image about a Horizontal or Vertical axis
-fp FontPath An additional directory for adxv to look for fonts.
-fuji Fuji image plate
-fuji10bit Fuji 10bit image plate
-gl Use OpenGL for 3-D display
-int File is binary signed int's
-itext Draw text in image window with white background
-level1 Output level1 postscript (default is level2)
-marccd Mar ccd image
-mosflm Mimic Mosflm's coordinate system.
-ncolors N Use N colors for the colormap. If N=0, use max possible
-no_adxv_beam_center Do not read or write the .adxv_beam_center file
-nopixmap Use a Window instead of a Pixmap for the display
-norotate Do not rotate mar .image files 90 degrees.
-nx N Number of pixels in horizontal direction
-ny N Number of pixels in vertical direction
-overload N Pixel overload value
-pixelsize X Pixelsize (mm)
-rfont Font to use for resolution rings
-rotate N Rotate image 90, 180 or 270 degrees
-scan_origin_mm UL/UR/LL/LR Scan origin (mm). Default is LL
-scan_origin_px UL/UR/LL/LR Scan origin (pixels). Default is UL
-short File is binary signed short's
-skip N Skip N bytes before reading binary data
-spindle_orient H/V Spindle Orientation (for DPS)
-spindle_rot clock/anti Spindle Rotation (for DPS)
-swap Swap bytes
-swap_beam_center Swap x and y position of beam center
-twotheta X 2-Theta (degrees)
-uchar File is binary unsigned char's
-ushort File is binary unsigned short's
-visual Visual Visual Class or ID to use
-wavelength X Wavelength (angstroms)


Display ADSC .img file:
adxv nnos6_1_001.img

Specify PseudoColor visual class:

adxv -visual PseudoColor

Specify an exact visual id and use OpenGL for the 3-D display:

adxv -visual 0x26 -gl

Display 1152x1152 binary unsigned short data, skip 2048 byte header and swap bytes:

adxv -ushort -nx 1152 -ny 1152 -skip 2048 -swap

To make nice figures scale image to 100% and save as tiff or postscript:

adxv -ncolors 0 -rfont  <font name>

An example font name is:


Display .img file and denzo predictions:

adxv ../nnos6_1_001.img x/nnos6_1_001.x

Print usage and help information:

adxv -usage

More documentation is available under the "Help" pulldown in the adxv Control window.


Is there any license or fee for using adxv?

No, it is free for anyone to use.

What to do if adxv complains about missing fonts?

You can download all the fonts adxv needs from fonts.tar.gz Put this file in a directory (i.e. /usr/share/adxvfonts/) and type:

gunzip --stdout fonts.tar.gz | tar xvf -
Then run adxv with the font path option:

adxv -fp /usr/share/adxvfonts
You can also install the missing fonts, which may be in these packages:


What if I download adxv and get "./adxv: Permission denied."?

Do this:

chmod +x ./adxv

What if the Image Window doesn't refresh correctly under NX?

This is a bug in NX and should be fixed in newer versions of the NX server.

Depending on the version of NX you have try adding adding one of the following options on the machine which is running the nxserver:

AgentExtraOptions="-defer 0"

If this doesn't work try setting the Link Type to "LAN". This may be slower, but may also work.

As a last resort, try using "adxv -nopixmap"

Is there a verison of adxv which runs under Windows?

If you install cygwin ( and start an X-server, you can run the cygwin version of adxv


Current version (1.9.9)


If none of these executables works on your machine or you have comments or bug reports, let know.
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Some screen shots:

Inverted Gray Colormap



Pixel Magnify

3-D Pixels


2-D magnify

3-D magnify

GL 3-D pixels

Full Screen