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    • Scripps Florida Scientists Win $2.1 Million to Study Protein Linked to Parkinson’s Disease


    • Scripps Florida Study Points to Drug Target for Huntington’s Disease


    Dr. Srini Subramaniam awarded Alzheimer’s disease grant

    Using cellular, molecular and behavioral tools, we identify novel targets for neurodegenerative diseases with the vision of developing mechanisms-based drugs for therapeutics. Curiosity, collaboration, and freedom of exploration are the three main driving forces that shapes our research leading to discoveries. Why only selected regions of the brain are more vulnerable in neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s is one of the major challenges we are focusing to answer. We envision understanding the molecular mechanisms that elicits brain region-specific damage will provide insights into the etiology of the neurodegenerative diseases, and those insights will be crucial for developing strategies to block the initiation of disease process and alleviate/prevent the pain and agony of human lives associated with these diseases.