- From a unix machine on the TSRI network:

The platform supported are sgi, sun, linux and normally dec alpha.
  1. source a script to set some variable and create some aliases:
    • if you are running cshell:

    • source /tsri/python/share/bin/initpmvcsh
    • if you are running bash shell:

    • source /tsri/python/share/bin/initpmvbash
  2. type pmv or adt to either start pmv or adt.

- From a windows machine:

Even if the machine is on the TSRI network you will need to install the python interpreter, our packages and some third party packages. To do so please register at our download page and follow the given informations.
Sorry about this inconvenience.
- From Mac:

Unfortunately neither PMV nor ADT are available at the moment for any mac even MACOSX. But hopefully will be soon : )
Sorry again about this inconvenience.

For further information or any questions please send an email to :
mgllab    :