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Mouse Editor Panel

This panel allows to customize the mouse behavior in the 3D window.

There is a pull-down menu for every mouse button and mouse button combination (name at the left of the widget). The widget's label is the current function assigned to the mouse button, for example, click and dragging the left mouse button over the 3D window will produce a rotation.

The following functions are currently available:

Function Name Function description
NO_FUNC No action
ROTATION Rotation. Works like a track ball with the ball's center at the center of the 3D Window
TRANSLATE_XY X and Y translation
SCALE scaling
PICK Picking
TRANSLATE_Z Z translation
FAR_PLANE Move the far plane of the viewing frustum
NEAR_PLANE Move the near plane of the viewing frustum
FOV Change the field of view of the viewing frustum

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Michel Sanner
March 31 12:00 PDT 1997