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Light Model Editor Panel

This window provides control over the parameters used for the lighting calculations. It is divided in two sections:

The Light Source Section

The light source section has eight buttons numbered from 0 to 7 allowing to turn on and off the light sources. When a light is turned on the button is pressed and it has a yellow background.

Only one active light source has a green background. It is the current light. To make a light source the current light click on it with right mouse button. Light source parameters modifications are done in the Light Source Editor and always apply to the current light. The light source editor can be displayed using the diamond shaped button labeled Edit right to the 8 light buttons

The diamond shaped button labeled Show turns on and off the visual representation of the light sources in the scene. Directional lights are displayed as lines pointing toward the origin (coordinates 0,0,0), positional lights appear as a cube and spot lights as a cone. The angle of the cone varies with the spot light's cut-off parameter.

The Light Model Section

The light model section presents 4 type-ins for the R G B and A components of the ambient light. The ambient light can also be modified using a color editor started by the diamond shaped button labeled Edit.

Local Viewer
turns local viewer mode on and off.

Two Side
turns two side lighting model on and off.

turns lighting calculations on and off.

Resets the light model parameters.

obsolete button.

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Michel Sanner
March 31 12:00 PDT 1997