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MSV is an OpenGL based viewer written to display molecular surfaces computed using MSMS.

It's GUI (Graphic User Interface) was build using the Xforms library by Zhao and Overmars.

It implements many OpenGL features and lets you play with many parameters to modify the geometry appearance.

It has a simple VRML browser build on the QvLib library.

Although, there is an obvious lake of consistency and design in the GUI here are some general hints to help you understand how msv works:

Several objects can be loaded into msv. There is a current object whose name is higlighted in the object Browser. When an object is loaded (or created) it becomes a child of the current object. All objects accept the special object root as an ancestor. Rotation and translations applied to an object apply to all its children.

The mouse can be used to transform either the view point, objects, lights or clipping planes. To decide what will be transformed use the 4 transformation buttons in the main window.

Although this is not always true, in general, active type-ins have a pink background and inactive ones have a grey background.

VRML files have to be truely VRML 1.0 compliant. Every shape node and separator node creates an object in msv.

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Michel Sanner
March 31 12:00 PDT 1997