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Command Line Options

Since MSV's GUI is based on the Xforms library all command lines of that library are valid.

The following command line arguments are MSV specific:

-scale floating_point_value (form 0.1 to 1.0, typically 0.7)
-textSize integer (typically from 12 to 16)
-vrmlFile filename
-sessionFile filename


By default MSV opens a very large window that fills the screen (1280x1024 pixels). This option allows to scale down this window to an adequate size. The window can always be scale up again later. Values from 0.6 to 1.0 given reasonable results.

Note: for small scale factors, the button labels can get larger than the buttons and the MSV icon may disappear.


Generally the default font size used in the Xforms library looks fine. However it can happen that the text appears to be too small or too large. This option allows to set the text size for the Xforms widgets used in the GUI.


With this option MSV can load a VRML file as it is started. This enables using MSV as a VRML browser by adding the following lines to your .mailcap file:

x-world/x-vrml; {MSV_PATH}/gv -vrmlFile %s

I would not recommend to do this because MSV's VRML parser is built on the QvLib library which is extremly strict on the VRML 1.0 format. Most of the files out there that claim to be "VRML" files are not really VRML compliant. This is because many VRML browsers such as WebSpace recognize OpenInventor nodes. When QvLib encounters such a node it returns with a "Bad read" error message. Sometimes it is just the header that is wrong but very often nodes such as TriangleStrips are used and this is illegal in VRML 1.0.


MSV can save a scene in an ASCII file. All (I believe) parameters are saved in
nodes. These file is plain text which can be edited and/or reloaded into the viewer and is supposed to take you back to where you were last time you saved the scene.

This option allows either to load at starting time a scene which has previously been saved, or to set MSV's parameters to your favorite defaults. This option can be repeated on the command line to load several files. Of course, in such a case all parameters defined in the last file will supersede values set by previous files.


This option displays the list MSV specific command line options.
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Michel Sanner
March 31 12:00 PDT 1997