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The VRML browser in MSV is based on the QvLib library. This means that hte VRML file really have to be VRML 1.0 compliant which most of the files are not !!!!.

Implemented Nodes

Not Implemented Nodes

AsciiText, FontStyle, Info, LOD, Texture2, Texture2Transform, TextureCoordinate2, ShapeHints, OrthographicCamera, PerspectiveCamera, DirectionalLight, PointLight, SpotLight, Switch, WWWAnchor, WWWInline.

Note: When a VRML file is imported, every shape and groupe node creates an object. Objects can be edited (colors, material, positions, clipping planes etc...) but when the scene is saved, only a pointer to file is saved. When the scene is restored, the initial scene is restored.

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Michel Sanner
March 31 12:00 PDT 1997