Ryan Stowe
B.A. Chemistry
Albion College, 2010


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I graduated from Albion College of Albion, Michigan with a B.A. in Chemistry having performed research at Albion, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the University of Michigan and Glasgow University. At Scripps, my time is divided between a project involving the conception and synthesis of novel histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors and one aimed at the synthesis of a potent anti-tumor natural product.

I am extremely interested in science education and strongly wish our education system to emphasize critical thought in a empirically fortified manner rather than portray science as an excercise in fact regurgitation. I have spent significant time on myriad outreach activities including the development of undergraduate teaching labs, participation in public chemistry demonstrations and serving as mentor for high school student and teacher summer interns.  

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