Ying Ma Ben
B.S. Chemistry, Nanjing University
M.S. Chemistry, Wake Forest University


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I went to Nanjing University (Nanjing, China) for my undergraduate study, majoring in chemistry. My undergraduate research project was modification of steroid compounds. I started my graduate study in Wake Forest University and got chance to see the only time Demon Deacons played in Orange Bowl. During my time in Wake Forest, I worked on synthesis of bioactive oxathiolene oxide compounds and PI3K inhibitor.

After graduating from Wake Forest with M.S., I came to Scripps Florida working under Prof. Roush. My current project is design and synthesis of mimics of actin binding natural product.

I love to ride bike in my spare time, both road and MTB. Life time goal: standing on one of 8000 peaks or south pole  

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