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International Services Office

Maintaining Legal Status in the U.S.


All international visitors engaged in research at TSRI must check in at the International Services Office upon arrival. Scholars and students in F or J visa status must report to the International Services Office with their immigration documents within 30 days of arrival into the U.S. to have their arrival validated in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Failure to check-in in a timely manner will result in an inability to remain in the U.S.

Visa Regulations & Expiration

All non-immigrant visitors must maintain their legal visa status in the U.S. by adhering to the federal regulations for their visa classification and by making sure their immigration documents do not expire including passport, I-94, and visa eligibility document (Form DS-2019, Form I-20 or Form I-797). Please consult the International Services Office staff for assistance.

Address Change

In F or J visa status Federal regulations require you to notify the International Services Office* 10 days of moving. Please use VIVA to report your address and phone number. The International Services Office will update your information in SEVIS. You do not need to complete the AR-11 form. Please be sure to update TSRI Human Resources Office as well. 

Individuals in all other visa status must notify U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services and the TSRI International Services Office within 10 days of a change of residential address by submiting Form AR-11 or USCIS Online Change of Address.

*If you are not sponsored by TSRI, notify your institution's international office.