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Visa Options at a Glance
Faculty Considerations for J and H Visas
Postdoctoral Visa Guidelines
Exchange Visitor Health Insurance Requirements
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Admins: So a foreign national is joining your lab?

Permanent Residency Applications

To engage in any activity in the lab, or be paid by TSRI, all foreign scholars must have the proper visa documentation. For most visa status categories, both the lab and the incoming scholar must complete and submit specific forms to the International Services Office well in advance of their arrival to TSRI.

To determine the correct visa status category, please contact the International Services Office. A curriculum vitae will help with the determination of proper visa status.

Eligibility for a particular visa classification is determined by federal regulations. No person(s) at TSRI is legally authorized to promise, offer, or sign for a visa of any type except the International Services Office staff.

Notice from the U.S. Department of State:
U.S. Embassies strongly encourage intending travelers to apply for visa stamps well in advance of their proposed journey, and to always refrain from making irrevocable travel plans until the visa stamp has been issued and they are in receipt of their passport and visa stamp. Visa stamp issuance to certain individuals may be very slow due to security clearances.

So a foreign national is joining your lab?:

1. Contact the International Services Office as soon as possible -- Provide CV, proposed employment dates, and basic funding details. You may send this information to Even if you do not have much information, contact us to add the visitor to our radar.

2. Complete VIVA E-forms as advised.

Note: A hiring requisition must also be completed with Human Resources. Our forms, and the requisition are two separate processes and can be completed concurrently.

3. Once a visitor has received his or her visa stamp and has made travel arrangements, contact us with his or her arrival date and to schedule a check-in appointment with our office and Human Resources.