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International Services Office

How to Extend Your Stay


An extension of your stay MUST be requested by the lab and approved by the Principal Investigator (PI). In most cases the International Services Office will contact the lab with a reminder prior to the end of your visa status.

Requests to extend the stay of J-1, TN, and H-1B visa status must be submitted to the International Services Office several months prior to the expiration date, depending upon the visa category. Labs should complete the extension request forms in VIVA and submit to the International Services Office, along with all request forms, checks and accompanying documentation.

J-1 - Lab must complete the J-1 Extension forms on VIVA at least 90 days before the current J expiration date.

TN - Lab must complete the TN-1 Request forms on VIVA at least 120 days before the current TN expiration date.

H-1B - Lab must complete the H-1B Request forms on VIVA at least 120 days before the current H-1B expiration date.


F-1 or J-1 students who need to remain in their educational program beyond the date originally estimated for completion of the program, as stated in item 5 on the initial F-1 I-20 form or item 3 on the J-1 DS2019 form, may request an extension of their visa status. This request must be submitted to the International Services Office 90 days before the date of completion on the current F-1 I-20 or J-1 DS2019.