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Anette Schneemann, PhD

Associate Professor Adjunct
Department of Molecular Medicine
California Campus
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Research Focus

Molecular determinants of viral assembly Virus particles contain multiple copies of structural proteins and the genomic RNA or DNA. In infected cells, these components have to come together in an ordered fashion to form the infectious progeny virion. We investigate how viruses take advantage of the structural organization of the cell and its resident organelles to assist in the assembly process. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms that ensure packaging of viral genomes that consist of multiple pieces of RNA. Our experimental approaches employ modern tools in molecular biology and virology, as well as cutting edge cell biological techniques, such as confocal microscopy, live cell imaging and EM-tomography.

Virus-like particles as a platform for vaccine design Virus particles are highly immunogenic and usually induce a potent neutralizing antibody response. This is in part a consequence of the regular array of structural proteins in the virus capsid. We engineer virus-like particles to display on their surface similar arrays of proteins derived from other microbes. The goal is to use the chimeric particles as immunogens to stimulate protective antibody responses against pathogens for which effective vaccines are currently not available.


Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992

Professional Experience

2013-2016 Associate Professor, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), The Scripps Research Institute
2001-2012 Associate Professor, Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute
1995-2001 Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute

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Schneemann A, Speir JA, Tan GS, Khayat R, Ekiert DC, Matsuoka Y and Wilson IA. (2012).  A virus-like particle that elicits cross-reactive antibodies to the conserved stem of influenza virus hemagglutinin.  J. Virol. 86:11686-97

Venter, PA, Dirksen, A, Thomas, D, Manchester, M, Dawson, PE and Schneemann, A. (2011).  Multivalent display of proteins on viral nanoparticles using molecular recognition and chemical ligation strategies.  Biomacromolecules 12:2293-301.

Jovel J and Schneemann A. (2011).  Molecular characterization of Drosophila cells persistently infected with Flock House virus.  Virology 419:43-53

Schneemann, A. and Manchester, M. (2009). Anti-toxin antibodies in prophylaxis and treatment of inhalation anthrax. Future Microbiol. 4:35-43.

Venter, P. A., Marshall, D. M. and Schneemann, A. (2009). Dual roles for an arginine-rich motif in specific genome recognition and localizing viral coat protein to RNA replication sites in Flock House virus-infected cells. J. Virol. 83:2872-82.