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Kendall Nettles, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology
Florida Campus
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Research Focus

Structural and Molecular Mechanisms of Nuclear Receptor Signaling

Our overall goal is to understand how small-molecule ligands control specific physiologic outcomes through the chemical-structural interface of the ligand with specific nuclear receptors.

We have developed new chemical probes for estrogen receptors that selectively suppress inflammatory gene expression programs. We characterized a series of these probes by using x-ray crystallography, revealing the structural features of signaling specificity. The novel compounds are also being used to explore the biological effects of inhibiting inflammatory programs in cancer cell proliferation and invasion and the role of estrogen signaling in immune function.


Ph.D., Cancer Biology, The University of Chicago, 2003
B.A., Psychology, Colgate University, 1990

Professional Experience

2005-2017 Associate Professor, Cancer Biology, The Scripps Research Institute

Awards & Professional Activities

Best Thesis, 2003. The Committee on Cancer Biology, The University of Chicago Elaine Erhman Award for Research in Cancer Biology, 2002. Awarded yearly to a senior graduate Student at the University of Chicago

Selected References

All Publications

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Nettles KW, Gil G, Nowak J, Metivier R, Sharma VB, Greene GL. CBP is a dosage dependent regulator of NFkB suppression by the estrogen receptor.Molecular Endocrinology, 2008, 22(2): 263-7

Bruning JB, Chalmers, MJ, Prasad S, Busby SA, Kamenecka TM, He Y, Nettles KW, Griffin PR. Partial Agonists Activate PPARα Using a Helix 12 Independent Mechanism. Structure, 2007 15(10):1258-7

Zhou HB, Nettles KW, Bruning JB, Kim Y, Joachimiak A, Sharma S, Carlson KE, Stossi F, Katzenellenbogen BS, Greene GL, Katzenellenbogen JA. Elemental isomerism: a boron-nitrogen surrogate for a carbon-carbon double bond increases the chemical diversity of estrogen receptor ligands. Chem Biol. 2007 Jun;14(6):659-69.