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Bengt Mannervik, PhD

Professor Adjunct
Department of Molecular Medicine
California Campus
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(858) 784-8636

Professional Experience

2016-2017 Professor Adjunct, Chemical Physiology, The Scripps Research Institute

Selected References

All Publications

Abdalla, A. M., Bruns, C. M., Tainer, J. A., Mannervik, B. & Stenberg, G. Design of a monomeric human glutathione transferase gstp1, a structurally stable but catalytically inactive protein. (2002). Protein Engineering, 15(10), 827-834.

Bruns, C. M., Hubatsch, I., Ridderstrom, M., Mannervik, B. & Tainer, J. A. Human glutathione transferase a4-4 crystal structures and mutagenesis reveal the basis of high catalytic efficiency with toxic lipid peroxidation products. (1999). Journal of Molecular Biology, 288(3), 427-439.

Thorson, J. S., Shin, I., Chapman, E., Stenberg, G., Mannervik, B. & Schultz, P. G. Analysis of the role of the active site tyrosine in human glutathione transferase A1-1 by unnatural amino acid mutagenesis. (1998). Journal of the American Chemical Society, 120(2), 451-452.

Augustinsson, K. B., Bartfai, T. & Mannervik, B. A steady-state kinetic model of butyrylcholinesterase from horse plasma. (1974). Biochemical Journal, 141(3), 825-834. PMCID: PMC1168188.

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Bartfai, T. & Mannervik, B. A procedure based on statistical criteria for discrimination between steady state kinetic models. (1972). FEBS Letters, 26(1), 252-256.