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Toshihide Kurihara, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Adjunct
Department of Molecular Medicine
California Campus
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(858) 784-2930

Professional Experience

2013-2017 Assistant Professor Adjunct, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), The Scripps Research Institute
2012-2013 Assistant Professor, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), The Scripps Research Institute
2009-2012 Research Associate, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), The Scripps Research Institute

Selected References

All Publications

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Kurihara, T., Westenskow, P. D., Krohne, T. U., Aguilar, E., Johnson, R. S. & Friedlander, M. Astrocyte pVHL and HIF-alpha isoforms are required for embryonic-to-adult vascular transition in the eye. (2011). Journal of Cell Biology, 195(4), 689-701. PMCID: PMC3257537.