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Laura Goetz, MD

Associate Professor Adjunct
Department of Molecular Medicine
California Campus
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(858) 784-2668

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Johnson, C. H., Spilker, M. E., Goetz, L., Peterson, S. N. & Siuzdak, G. Metabolite and microbiome interplay in cancer immunotherapy. (2016). Cancer Research, 76(21), 6146-6152. PMCID: PMC5093024.

Johnson, C. H., Dejea, C. M., Edler, D., Hoang, L. T., Santidrian, A. F., Felding, B. H., Ivanisevic, J., Cho, K., Wick, E. C., Hechenbleikner, E. M., Uritboonthai, W., Goetz, L., et al. Metabolism links bacterial biofilms and colon carcinogenesis. (2015). Cell Metabolism, 21(6), 891-897. PMCID: PMC4456201.

Goetz, L. H., Uribe-Bruce, L., Quarless, D., Libiger, O. & Schork, N. J. Admixture and clinical phenotypic variation. (2014). Human Heredity, 77(1-4), 73-86.

Goetz, L., Bethel, K. & Topol, E. J. Rebooting cancer tissue handling in the sequencing era: Toward routine use of frozen tumor tissue. (2013). JAMA-Journal of the American Medical Association, 309(1), 37-38.