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Gregg Fields, PhD

Professor Adjunct
Department of Chemistry
Florida Campus
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(561) 228-2461


Ph.D. (Chemistry), The Florida State University 1988
B.S. (Chemistry), University of Florida 1982
A.A. (Chemistry), Broward Community College 1979

Professional Experience

2010-2014 Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies
1997-2008 Professor and Chair, Florida Atlantic University
1995-1997 Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Medical Center, University of Minnesota
1991-1995 Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Medical Center, University of Minnesota
1988-1991 Postdoctoral Scholar, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Selected References

All Publications

Karabencheva-Christova, T. G., Christov, C. Z. & Fields, G. B. Conformational dynamics of matrix metalloproteinase-1.triple-helical peptide complexes. (2018). Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 122(21), 5316-5326.

Stawikowski, M. J. & Fields, G. B. Tricine as a convenient scaffold for the synthesis of C-terminally branched collagen-model peptides. (2018). Tetrahedron Letters, 59(2), 130-134.

Tagged Karabencheva-Christova, T. G., Christov, C. Z. & Fields, G. B. Collagenolytic matrix metalloproteinase structure-function relationships: insights from molecular dynamics studies. (2017). Structural and Mechanistic Enzymology. 1-24.

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Choi, J. Y., Fuerst, R., Knapinska, A. M., Taylor, A. B., Smith, L., Cao, X., Hart, P. J., Fields, G. B. & Roush, W. R. Structure-based design and synthesis of potent and selective matrix metalloproteinase 13 inhibitors. (2017). Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 60(13), 5816-5825.

Knapinska, A. M., Estrada, C. A. & Fields, G. B. The roles of matrix metalloproteinases in pancreatic cancer. (2017). Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science, 148, 339.

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Jiang, J., Taylor, A. B., Choi, J. Y., Hart, P. J., Roush, W. R., Fields, G. B., Hodder, P. S., Minong, D. & Spicer, T. P. Characterization of selective exosite-binding inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase 13 that prevent articular cartilage degradation in vitro. (2014). Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 57(22), 9598-9611. PMCID: PMC4255739.

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