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Elena Deryugina, PhD

Assistant Professor of CMB
Department of Molecular Medicine
California Campus
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(858) 784-7187

Professional Experience

2014-2017 Assistant Professor of CMB, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), The Scripps Research Institute
2004-2014 Staff Scientist, Cell Biology, The Scripps Research Institute
2003-2004 Scientific Associate, Vascular Biology
2002-2003 Research Assistant Professor, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
1999-2002 Research Scientist, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
1997-1999 Assistant Staff Scientist, La Jolla Institute for Experimental Medicine
1993-1996 Research Scientist, La Jolla Institute for Experimental Medicine
1991-1993 Invited Research Scientist, Medical Biology Institute
1988-1991 Senior Research Scientist, The Institute of Experimental Hematology, National Hematological Scientific Center (Moscow, Russia)
1984-1987 Research Scientist, Laboratory for Physiology of Hematopoiesis, The Institute of Experimental Hematology, National Hematological Scientific Center (Moscow, Russia)

Selected References

All Publications

Deryugina, E. I., Zajac, E., Zilberberg, L., Muramatsu, T., Joshi, G., Dabovic, B., Rifkin, D. & Quigley, J. P. LTBP3 promotes early metastatic events during cancer cell dissemination. (2018). Oncogene, 37(14), 1815-1829. PMCID: PMC5889352.

Deryugina, E. I. & Kiosses, W. B. Intratumoral cancer cell intravasation can occur independent of invasion into the adjacent stroma. (2017). Cell Reports, 19(3), 601-616.

Vandooren, J., Born, B., Solomonov, I., Zajac, E., Saldova, R., Senske, M., Ugarte-Berzal, E., Martens, E., Van den Steen, P. E., Van Damme, J., Garcia-Pardo, A., Froeyen, M., et al. Circular trimers of gelatinase B/matrix metalloproteinase-9 constitute a distinct population of functional enzyme molecules differentially regulated by tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1. (2015). Biochemical Journal, 465, 259. PMCID: PMC4399976.

Minder, P., Zajac, E., Quigley, J. P. & Deryugina, E. EGFR regulates the development and microarchitecture of intratumoral angiogenic vasculature capable of sustaining cancer cell intravasation. (2015). Neoplasia, 17(8), 634-649. PMCID: PMC4674488.

Deryugina, E. I. & Quigley, J. P. Tumor angiogenesis: MMP-mediated induction of intravasation- and metastasis-sustaining neovasculature. (2015). Matrix Biology, 44-46, 94. PMCID: PMC5079283.

Hodgson, M. C., Deryugina, E. I., Suarez, E., Lopez, S. M., Lin, D., Xue, H., Gorlov, I. P., Wang, Y. & Agoulnik, I. U. INPP4B suppresses prostate cancer cell invasion. (2014). Cell Communication and Signaling, 12, 61. PMCID: PMC4181726.

Casar, B., Rimann, I., Kato, H., Shattil, S. J., Quigley, J. P. & Deryugina, E. I. In vivo cleaved CDCP1 promotes early tumor dissemination via complexing with activated beta1 integrin and induction of FAK/PI3K/Akt motility signaling. (2014). Oncogene, 33(2), 255-268. PMCID: PMC3931462.

Deryugina, E. I., Zajac, E., Juncker-Jensen, A., Kupriyanova, T. A., Welter, L. & Quigley, J. P. Tissue-infiltrating neutrophils constitute the major in vivo source of angiogenesis-inducing MMP-9 in the tumor microenvironment. (2014). Neoplasia, 16(10), 771-788. PMCID: PMC4212255.

Zajac, E., Schweighofer, B., Kupriyanova, T. A., Juncker-Jensen, A., Minder, P., Quigley, J. P. & Deryugina, E. I. Angiogenic capacity of M1-and M2-polarized macrophages is determined by the levels of TIMP-1 complexed with their secreted proMMP-9. (2013). Blood, 122(25), 4054-4067. PMCID: PMC3862278.

Juncker-Jensen, A., Deryugina, E. I., Rimann, I., Zajac, E., Kupriyanova, T. A., Engelholm, L. H. & Quigley, J. P. Tumor MMP-1 activates endothelial PAR1 to facilitate vascular intravasation and metastatic dissemination. (2013). Cancer Research, 73(14), 4196-4211. PMCID: PMC3754905.