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Darryl Bornhop, PhD

Professor Adjunct
Department of Neuroscience
California Campus
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(858) 784-7039

Professional Experience

2015-2017 Professor Adjunct, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (MCN), The Scripps Research Institute

Selected References

All Publications

Lau, J. L., Baksh, M. M., Fiedler, J. D., Brown, S. D., Kussrow, A., Bornhop, D. J., Ordoukhanian, P. & Finn, M. G. Evolution and protein packaging of small-molecule rna aptamers. (2011). ACS Nano, 5(10), 7722-7729. PMCID: PMC3209476.

Baksh, M. M., Kussrow, A. K., Mileni, M., Finn, M. G. & Bornhop, D. J. Label-free quantification of membrane-ligand interactions using backscattering interferometry. (2011). Nature Biotechnology, 29(4), 357-360. PMCID: PMC3246389.

Kussrow, A., Baksh, M. M., Bornhop, D. J. & Finn, M. G. Universal sensing by transduction of antibody binding with backscattering interferometry. (2011). ChemBioChem, 12(3), 367-370. PMCID: PMC3997301.

Kussrow, A., Kaltgrad, E., Wolfenden, M. L., Cloninger, M. J., Finn, M. G. & Bornhop, D. J. Measurement of monovalent and polyvalent carbohydrate-lectin binding by back-scattering interferometry. (2009). Analytical Chemistry, 81(12), 4889-4897. PMCID: PMC2713007.