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Ulrich Mueller, Ph.D.

Professor Adjunct
Department of Neuroscience
California Campus
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(858) 784-7288

Research Focus

Auditory Perception and Neuronal Circuit Formation: From Mouse Models to Human Genetic Disease

A fundamental unresolved question in biology is how our nervous system creates an internal representation of the external world. Sense organs convert signals such as light and sound into electrical impulses that are processed by the nervous system to create a reflection of our surroundings and to elicit appropriate behavioral responses. Selective pressures during evolution have shaped our genome and optimize sense organs and neuronal circuits for their tasks. Of all our sensory systems, the auditory system is the least well understood at the molecular level. My laboratory identifies and studies genes that control the function of the auditory sense organ of mammals. We also analyze the mechanisms that establish neuronal connections between the auditory sense organs and the cerebral cortex, and the formation of cell layers and neuronal circuits within the cortex.

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Selected References

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