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Endowed Faculty Chairs

An endowment gift to establish a faculty chair at The Scripps Research Institute is one of the most meaningful and lasting gifts available to a donor. Such a gift perpetuates the donor's philanthropy by creating a permanently funded position, named by or for the donor, which may be occupied in succession by major figures in the world of biomedical science. The benefits far outlast the life of the donor and will be both enjoyed and acknowledged by generations to come.

Faculty chairs are occupied, in succession, by major figures in the world of biomedical science. Here are some current examples:

  • Ely R. Callaway Chair:
    Kim D. Janda, Ph.D.
  • Richard and Alice Cramer Chair in Chemistry:
    Dale Boger, Ph.D.
  • Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Investigator in Medical Research:
    Peter K. Wright, Ph.D.
  • Ernest W. Hahn Chair in Chemistry:
    Hollis Cline, Ph.D.
  • Hansen Professor of Structural Biology:
    Ian Wilson, Ph.D.
  • Lita Annenberg Hazen Professor of Immunochemistry:
    Richard A. Lerner, M.D.
  • Pearson Family Chair Professor:
    Barbara Mason, Ph.D.
  • Anna M. and Leo Roon Chair:
    Zaverio Ruggeri, Ph.D.
  • Scripps Family Chair:
    Peter G. Schultz, Ph.D.
  • Darlene V. Shiley Chair in Chemistry:
    Phil Baran, Ph.D.

Naming Opportunities

A named faculty chair to be occupied by a dean, director, or department chair can be established by a gift of $3,000,000; a senior faculty chair can be established for $2,000,000. Other endowment opportunities - such as the High School Student and Teacher Science Training Program, which can be endowed with gifts of $100,000 or more-are tailored to the donor's interests within the programmatic priorities of the Institute.

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