Discover the Benefits of Planned Giving

December 2014

Did you know there are creative ways to support The Scripps Research Institute? Ways in which TSRI, you, and your loved ones all benefit at the same time? Such giving techniques are called "planned gifts" because, with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and TSRI.

You can support TSRI's life-saving research through your will or your retirement assets and avoid paying taxes on these investments while generating extra income for your lifetime. Many appealing ways of giving are available to you.

For example, a bequest through your will or estate is the easiest gift you can make today. The bequest can be unrestricted or directed to a specific purpose. Your assets will remain in your control during your lifetime, and you can modify your gift to address changing circumstances. Plus, under current tax law, there is no upper limit on the estate tax deduction for your charitable bequests.

You can also put your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan to work for TSRI and avoid income tax and potential estate tax on your retirement plan assets. It's a simple, straightforward way for donors of all ages to avoid double taxation while funding research that leads to new treatments and cures for our world's most devastating diseases. Just designate TSRI as a recipient of all, or a portion, of the balance of your plan after your death through your plan administrator. You can continue to take regular lifetime withdrawals and maintain flexibility to change beneficiaries if your family's needs change during your lifetime.

In addition, you can support TSRI with gifts that don't impact the way you live by either designating us to receive other estate assets or by making immediate gifts of assets that are out of sight and out of mind. We call these "Gifts Anyone Can Make" because anyone can make them now without impacting cash flow, lifestyle, or family security.

And did you know there's a gift to TSRI that returns payments to you? The IRS allows and encourages these life-income gifts that can stretch your giving ability. These "Gifts That Pay You Income" allow you to make a substantial gift to TSRI while actually increasing your income. You can transfer cash or securities to TSRI, and we will pay any two beneficiaries you name fixed income for life. Younger donors may want to opt for a Deferred Gift Annuity. Beginning on a specified date in the future, TSRI begins to pay you, or up to two annuitants you name, fixed annuity payments for life. Alternatively, you can transfer cash, securities, or other appreciated property into a trust, and the trust will pay a percentage of the value of its principal, which is valued annually, to you or beneficiaries you name.

Use our unique interactive tool to help plan your gift based on your age, goals, and assets. Just answer three simple questions and Plan-a-Gift™ will recommend the best gift plan or plans to meet your individual needs.

For more information on TSRI's planned giving options, please feel free to contact Geoff Graham in California at (858) 784-9365 or For Scripps Florida, please contact Irv Geffen at (561) 228-2017 or with any questions.

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