paegel Lab @ TSRI 130 Scripps Way 1B2 Jupiter, FL


We are interested in the construction of microscopic

compartments and the high-throughput chemistry they enable.

Brian receives NIH award R01GM120491 “High-Throughput Droplet-Scale Functional Screening of DNA-Encoded Combinatorial Libraries”

Collaboration with Dr. Chris O’Donnell’s Applied Synthesis Technologies  group @ Pfizer begins.


Andrew’s paper is published in ACS Combinatorial Science.

Alex receives a NIH K25 Award. Congrats, Alex!

Marie and Val publish in ACS Combinatorial Science.

Marie’s paper is published in ACS Chemical Biology.

Brian lectures at NIH HRHR Symposium and MNM16

Duc’s paper is published in PNAS.

    Nature Methods

Duc is now lecturer at International University, Ho Chi Minh City

DNA-encoded library DEL solid-phase synthesis protease

evolution microfluidic droplet combinatorial chemistry

membranes bilayers origins of life homochirality

post-translational modification PTM compartmentalization