paegel Lab @ TSRI 130 Scripps Way 1B2 Jupiter, FL


Duc is now lecturer at International University, Ho Chi Minh City

Marie’s paper is published in ACS Combinatorial Science.

Alex’s paper is published in Analytical Chemistry.

Alex’s review is published in Analytical Chemistry.

Wes is named Farris Foundation fellow. Congratulations, Wes!

Alex’s paper is published in Analytical Chemistry. Welcome, graduate student Amber Hackler!

Andrew’s paper hits ACS Combinatorial Science as the cover!

Welcome, summer undergraduate intern Karla Montejo (FIU).

Alex, Andrew, and Marie present at the High-Throughput Chemistry & Biology Gordon Research Conference.

Paegel Lab is selected to join the DARPA Fold F(x) program.

Wesley Cochrane joins the lab.

Alex’s paper is published in Analytical Chemistry.

    C&EN, New Scientist

Brian and team travel to the annual NIH HRHR Symposium.

Sandro’s paper is published in Nature Chemistry.

Marie Malone joins the lab.

Mr. Vuong Dang and Mr. Jacob Roush join the lab

Dr. Duc Tran (Duke University) joins the lab

Brian wins a National Science Foundation CAREER Award

Welcome, 2013 summer interns! Andrew Acevedo (WUSTL), Byron Weiss (Columbia) & Brett Gileau (Wellington HS)

Brian Lectures at Furman University

Brian lectures at Penn State & Florida State

Sandro presents at 2013 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting (Philadelphia)

Brian, Alex and Andrew present at SLAS 2013 (Orlando); Andrew wins Tony B Award

Brian and team attend and present at NIH Director’s 2012 Pioneer Symposium (Bethesda)

Welcome, 2012 summer interns! Tate Storey (undergrad, UF), Max Morgenstern (undergrad, UPenn) & Claire Dykas (HS, FAU HS)

Josh and Valerie present at ASMS 2012 (Vancouver).

Sandro and Gage present at Biophysical Society 2012 (San Diego).

Valerie Cavett joins the lab.

Alex, Andrew and Brian attend SLAS 2012; Alex wins Tony B Award

Alex and Josh present at MicroTAS 2011 (Seattle).

Brian wins a 2011 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award.

Andrew MacConnell joins the lab.

Sandro’s paper is published in JACS.