paegel Lab @ TSRI 130 Scripps Way 1B2 Jupiter, FL


postdoctoral fellowship

A postdoctoral fellowship is available in synthetic biology/origins of life studying lipid bilayer vesicle assembly in the laboratory of Prof. Brian Paegel at The Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, FL. Applicants will have a doctoral degree and published expertise in a subset of fields including microfluidics, liposome/GUV synthesis and analysis, surface chemistry/Langmuir-Blodgett systems, and chemical synthesis. The Scripps Research Institute is a dynamic research environment where scientists with both academic and industry experience work collaboratively, ideal for the postdoctoral fellow who is undecided about future career trajectories. If you are interested in joining our highly interdisciplinary team, please send your cover letter, CV and a sample publication to briandna@.

graduate studies

For information on TSRI's graduate program, please visit the website. Current TSRI graduate students should contact me to discuss rotation projects. I am seeking students to join us in either synthetic cell-based screening or protease evolution.