Vol 11. Issue 27 / September 12, 2011


In Brief

Chi Huey Wong Receives Arthur C. Cope Award
Scripps Research Institute Professor Chi-Huey Wong has been selected to receive the 2012 Arthur C. Cope Award from the American Chemical Society (ACS) for his work in organic chemistry. Widely viewed as a top honor in the field, the award recognizes outstanding achievement in organic chemistry, the significance of which has become apparent within the five years preceding the award year, according to the ACS. The ACS administers the award for the Arthur C. Cope Fund.

Wong, who is also president of Academia Sinica in Taiwan, will be presented with the award March 27, 2012, at the 243rd ACS National Meeting in San Diego. He will also deliver his award address to the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry at the 244th ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, August 19-23, 2012.

The award consists of a $25,000 cash prize, medallion, and certificate. In addition, the award includes an unrestricted $150,000 Arthur C. Cope Fund grant for research in organic chemistry, designated to recipient's choice of university or nonprofit institution.

Wong's research projects range from chemical and enzymatic synthesis of bioactive compounds, especially complex carbohydrates and glycoproteins, to development of new tools to study major problems in living systems.

Other Scripps Research scientists who are Arthur C. Cope award winners include K. Barry Sharpless (1992), K.C. Nicolaou (2005), and Peter G. Schultz (2006).

Jin-Quan Yu Named Arthur C. Cope Scholar
Scripps Research Professor Jin-Quan Yu has been named a 2012 Arthur C. Cope Scholar by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Recognizing excellence in organic chemistry, ten Arthur C. Cope Scholars are designated annually by the ACS.

Yu will accept the award at the 244th ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia on August 21, 2012, during which he will deliver his award address to the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry.

His research at Scripps Research focuses on creating opportunities for inventions in organometallic chemistry and synthesis with the aim of making significant contributions to synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

2011-2012 ARCS Foundation Scholars Announced
Five graduate students at the Scripps Research Kellogg School of Science and Technology have been named 2011-2012 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholars. The ARCS Foundation through its local chapters annually provides scholarships nationwide to outstanding students in science, engineering, and medicine.

The Scripps Research award winners include:

  • Katharine Duncan, in the Boger lab
  • Laurie Gay, in the Felding-Habermann lab
  • Joseph Nagano-Gerace, in the Cravatt lab
  • Aaron Sather, in the Rebek lab
  • Joshua Silverman, in the Williamson lab












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