Vol 10. Issue 18 / May 24, 2010


California Breast Cancer Research Program Awards Two Grants to Felding-Habermann Lab
Associate Professor Brunhilde Felding-Habermann and Senior Research Associate Mihaela Lorger of the Felding-Habermann lab have each won 18-month research grants from the California Breach Cancer Research Program. Felding-Habermann's project is titled "Inhibiting Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis with Cilengitide." Lorger's project is titled "Harnessing Microglia to Target Brain Metastasis."

"Brain metastases are extremely difficult to treat in the clinic," said Felding-Habermann. "Our lab is breaking new ground toward not only a better understanding of the mechanisms that drive metastatic growth in the brain but also toward immediate translation of our findings into new therapeutic options."

Felding-Habermann added that she is proud of Lorger and her success, especially given that "I regard it as one of my major goals to help gifted young scientists to establish themselves in breast cancer research, develop their own areas in this field, and to push forward toward better treatments for patients in the clinic."

For more information about the lab's recent work, see News&Views article, "Scientists Uncover a Novel Mechanism Controlling Tumor Growth in the Brain."

Francesca Cattaneo Wins Best Poster Award
Research Associate Francesca Cattaneo won an award for best poster at the XII International Symposium on Amyloidois, which was held in Rome last month. Her entry, "Molecular mechanisms of Transthyretin regulation in neurons," was authored by Cattaneo with John Hulleman, Xinyi Li, and Joel Buxbaum.

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