Vol 7. Issue 9 / March 19, 2007


Scripps Research Partners with Fleet Museum for Two Events
In what may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, The Scripps Research Institute's Science Outreach Program has partnered with San Diego's Reuben H. Fleet Science Museum to help bring science to the public in two upcoming events.

Biosciences Day. Biosciences Day at the museum on Saturday, March 24 aims to broaden the public's understanding of the tools, content, and applications of general biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, genomics, biopharmaceuticals, and biochemistry through hands-on activities and public talks.

Scripps Research participants in Biosciences Day are:

• Corey Dambacher and Sarah Siegel, Ph.D. candidates in the Kellogg School of Science and Technology, who will demonstrate the importance of protein folding with four colors of glowing proteins, 10 AM to 1 PM, at Fleet's Colored Shadows Wall, Main Gallery.

• Gabe Lander, Ph.D. candidate in the Kellogg School, who will explain why viruses are like tiny bottles of champagne, 11 AM to noon, at the Fleet Lecture Hall.

• Research Associate Brian Paegel, who will explain what DNA does in a cell, 1 to 2 PM, Fleet Lecture Hall. He will then lead an activity that demonstrates the assembly of DNA fragments, 2 to 3 PM, in the IMAX Queing Lobby.

Biosciences Day is included with admission to the museum. For more information, see Weekend Programs at the Fleet.

Public Talk on Influenza. As part of the monthly Adult Lecture Series (also known as Senior Mondays) at the Fleet on Monday, April 2 at 12:30 PM, Scripps Research Professor Ian Wilson will speak on the influenza virus, a constant threat to human health, as exemplified by recent concerns about "bird flu." Wilson will discuss the vast history of influenza and current research, including what we know about the properties of the virus that lead to global pandemics.

For more information, see the Adult Lecture Series web page.


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