Vol 6. Issue 36 / November 20, 2006


Ulrich Mueller Promoted to Full Professor
Ulrich Mueller has been promoted to full professor in The Scripps Research Institute’s Department of Cell Biology. Mueller, who has been at Scripps Research since 2003, focuses on the genes and the gene mutations that contribute to the pathology of Usher syndrome, other human diseases related to mechanosensory perception, and central nervous system diseases. For more information on Mueller’s research, see the Mueller lab web site.

David Schlaepfer Awarded Tenure
David Schlaepfer has been promoted to associate professor with tenure in the Scripps Research Department of Immunology. Schlaepfer, who arrived at the institute in 1996, uses a variety of molecular tools to investigate the signaling connections from different cell surface receptors to a specific class of intracellular protein tyrosine kinases. His emphasis is on elucidating how these kinases act to coordinate complex biological responses such as cell motility and invasion in both normal and tumorigenic cells. For more information on Schlaepfer’s research, see the Schlaepfer lab web site.

Ian Wilson to Appear on PBS
Professor Ian Wilson will be featured in an upcoming episode of NOVA scienceNOW, premiering next Tuesday, November 21 on PBS (8 PM ET, check local listings). Wilson will speak on his work on the avian flu virus. For more information, see the NOVA scienceNOW web site, which, starting November 22, will provide the full episode via streaming clips.


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