Vol 5. Issue 5 / February 7, 2005

Deborah Mosca

Position: Senior director of business development, a new position at the institute.   

Goals: Making the most of the business opportunities created by Scripps Florida and by the science coming out of both East and West Coast campuses. Creating therapeutic success stories.   

Duties: Assisting with the selection of high throughput technology to screen potential drug candidates from Scripps Research labs, chairing the institute’s Portfolio Management Committee to set guidelines for drug candidate screening, helping the institute meet milestones within the agreement with the State of Florida, reaching out to industry to create licensing opportunities and collaborations.   

Strategy: Bringing techniques from the biotechnology industry into the research institute.  “Scripps Research has tremendous potential because of its broad base of ideas and platforms. This gives it a competitive advantage over many smaller biotech companies.”   

Biggest Challenge: Starting from scratch.    

Background: B.S. in genetics from Cornell University. Ph.D. in biology from State University of New York, Buffalo. Twenty-five years experience in “large pharma” and biotechnology companies in New York, the Bay Area, and San Diego, including positions as a research biologist, then group leader for American Cyanamid Co., senior director of microbiology for IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals, vice president of drug development for Elitra Pharmaceuticals, and vice president for research and Preclinical Development at Nereus Pharmaceuticals.    

Started at Scripps Research: September 2004.   

Why She Took the Job: “The science at Scripps is phenomenal. I also really enjoy moving science into the business and development side.”   

Attitude Toward Working on Two Campuses: “We’re committed to integrating the operations in Florida and La Jolla. Modern technology—phones, faxes, e-mail—bring us closer together. We’re all on the same team.”   

Extracurriculars: “I’m pretty much a workaholic, but I make sure to take time to enjoy my family (partner Rob and sons Josh and Robbie), kick-boxing, wine tasting, and casual social gatherings. In addition, I am active in several local organizations, such as Athena/UCSD CONNECT, and help teach an extension course at UCSD on the mechanisms of disease.”


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“The science at Scripps is phenomenal,” says Senior Director of Business Development Deborah Mosca. Photo by Kevin Fung.