Vol 3. Issue 35 / November 15, 2004

Cheryl Dean

Title: Planned Giving Counsel.

Duties: Working with donors and Development Department staff to handle gifts to Scripps Research through trusts, estates, and other financial vehicles. This involves researching various financial options, their legal requirements, and tax implications; writing proposals; meeting with donors and their advisors; and drawing up legal documents.

Started at Scripps Research: October 21, 2004.

First Impressions: "I've been favorably impressed. Everyone I have met at Scripps Research has been friendly and helpful. I am enthusiastic about the job and its potential to further science."

Background: Grew up in Pennsylvania. Graduated from Duke University and the University of San Diego Law School. Practiced at a couple of law firms specializing in estate planning. Headed the University of San Diego's planned giving department for five years.

Favorite Part of Her Field: "I find it rewarding to work with philanthropists and help them achieve their goals. In general, they are admirably committed to leaving a positive legacy."

Current Challenges: Managing the transition from planned giving through the Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science, which handled fundraising for both Scripps Research and Scripps Health, to the newly independent Scripps Research fundraising operation.

Goals: "I hope ensure that the transition is a smooth one and that current and future donors obtain excellent service."

Extracurriculars: Surfing, kayaking, gardening, and traveling with her husband, Nick, to remote locations "where the cell phone doesn't work."


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"I find it rewarding to work with philanthropists and help them achieve their goals," says Cheryl Dean, planned giving counsel for Scripps Research. Photo by Kevin Fung.