Where Are They Now?
Alumnus Jay Chiang

Graduating Class: '00

Lab at TSRI: Professor K. Barry Sharpless's lab.

Dissertation Title: "Applications of Automation to Reaction Optimization and Library Synthesis"

Experience at TSRI: "I was a non-traditional student [in that I never considered an academic career]. My interests were always in industry. I actually hadn't planned on getting my Ph.D. until Barry Sharpless recruited me. I set up an automated system in his lab and researched applications for automated catalyst screening and library synthesis. Now I've graduated, the Ph.D. is helpful and I'm glad I was exposed to the academic side. I also learned some biology."

Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Industry Experience: Positions with start-up companies Arqule (1994-96) and Coelacanth (2000-01).

Current Position: Associate director of automated chemistry for Senomyx, a taste and smell company. "What I'm doing now is an extension of what I was doing at Scripps. We're targeting taste and smell receptors with high-throughput screening for potentially novel taste and odorant compounds."

Reaction to Sharpless's 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: "I had hoped it would happen when I was there! But I did have the chance to celebrate with him after it happened..."

Plans for the Future: Entering the field of venture capital, in which start-up companies are evaluated for funding and given direction on how to succeed.

Extracurriculars: Recently became "golf-crazy." Also working on his surfing. "I've been told it's a travesty to live in Cardiff and not surf."

In the Family: Chiang's brother (and housemate), Kyle, is a first-year graduate student in TSRI investigator Ben Cravatt's lab.



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TSRI alumnus Jay Chiang, who did his graduate work in Nobel laureate K. Barry Sharpless's lab, plans to enter the field of venture capital.