Software Training

Would you like to work more efficiently? Brush up on software that you haven't used for a while? Want to learn to update and maintain your lab's website? You can enhance your skills by signing up for software classes offered by HR Training.

Software training classes are conducted in the IT Services Training Room and are offered throughout the year. These include Adobe software - Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

To view a list of all classes and or to request a class, please click here.

For additional information on Software Training, please call Jesse Stumpp at 4-8268 or email: jstumpp@scripps.edu. And check out TSRI Software Tips blog for additional software tips and tutorials.

Software Tips
Security Fix The MonaRonaDona Extortion Scam - malware threat
Acrobat Creating a Custom Stamp
  Creating PDFs from Web Pages in Acrobat 8.0
Outlook Out of Office Warning in Outlook 2007
  Got Connection?
  Flag Email for Follow-up in Outlook
  Symbols in the Calendar display
  About cached Exchange mode
  Spam email Filtering
Entourage Create a default signature
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  Entourage 2008 tips on mactopia
  Entourage 2008 Quick Reference Card
  About organizing in Entourage 2008
  Delegate Mail and Calendar management to others
Exchange Server Advantages of an Exchange Account
  Exchange 2007 - current version at Scripps Research
Dreamweaver CS4 New Features
  Creating pages with CSS
  Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial from thesitewizard.com
Mac Tips Patch for Mac version of EndNote X1 to integate CWYW with Word 2008
  TSRI Mac Support
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