HR Training Department

HR Training is committed to providing relevant, high quality learning opportunities. Utilizing experience-enhancing technologies, our programs are based on sound training research and focused on individual and organizational needs. We strive to improve work-related skills and knowledge, and to assist employees in their growth and development.

How We Support TSRI

In support of the important scientific research of our world-renowned institute, we offer the following programs and services:

Onboarding: TSRI Orientation

We organize and facilitate the TSRI Orientation, which provides an introduction to the institute for all new hires, postdocs, students, interns, and visitors. The orientation also includes important safety and other state-mandated information.

Employee and Management Development Training

We plan, design, develop and deliver employee and management development training programs that help people to improve their work-related skills and knowledge.

Software Training and Support

We plan, design, develop and deliver commercial and proprietary software training to help people perform their functions efficiently and effectively.

We also offer individual support, coaching and tutorials on key software processes, through a call-in help desk.

Online Courses and Resources

We provide online training resources through The TSRI eLearning Center and other sources, including eLearning programs, job-aids, manuals, resource links, and virtual live synchronous classes.

Consulting Services

We supply consulting services to explore, uncover and fulfill training needs, suggesting external solutions where it is not feasible to develop them internally.

Compliance Training

We provide and manage compliance training programs mandated by state and federal law.