Faculty and Management 401(a) Plan

TSRI Faculty and Management Retirement 401(a) Plan

TSRI maintains a Money Purchase Retirement Plan for employees in eligible positions, which vests after three years of service. Contributions are made to Fidelity Investments, which the employee may direct to a wide array of funds.

As of January 1, 2009 or later new employees must fulfill a one year waiting period before contributions will commence. The one year waiting period counts towards vesting.

Employer Contributions (to IRS limit)
Associate Professor without Tenure
Assistant Professor
Senior Scientist
Associate Scientific Director
Scientific Director

Staff Scientist
Employees in grades 13 + (non-scientific positions)
Professor of "Subject"
Associate Professor of "Subject"
Assistant Professor of "Subject"


2018 Annual IRS Maximum Limit - $55,000.00

Associate Professor with Tenure
Senior Director
Senior Scientific Director


2018 Annual IRS Maximum Limit - $55,000.00

Chairperson (age 40+)
Professor (age 40+)
Senior Executive (age 40+)


2018 Annual IRS Maximum Limit - $55,000.00



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Fidelity Investments Beneficiary Designation Form - This form is used to change your beneficiary designation.

Fidelity Transfer/Rollover/Exchange Form - This form is used to transfer a retirement plan (i.e., 401(k), 403(b), 401(a)) from a past employer into the TSRI 401(a) plan. Click here for instructions.

distribution forms

Fidelity Distribution Automatic Payments Form

Fidelity Distribution Cash Payout Form

Fidelity Distribution Rollover Form - This form is to be used to complete a distribution from your account upon retirement or termination.