Life Event Resources


Optum Health
Tel: 1-800-888-2998
Access Code: 10730


Life Event Resources is designed to enrich and support you as you experience life changes. Because your needs vary throughout your lifetime, Life Event Resources offer information, consultation and referrals on a wide variety of subjects:

Child/Parenting Support Services
Adult/Elder Support Services
Life learning
Chronic Condition Support

This innovative program provides the resources and expertise you need to deal with everything from the demands of everyday life to major life events. For example Life Event Resources can help you:

  • Locate an available childcare facility near your home
  • Find housing or caregiving options for an aging parent
  • Find language tutors in your community
  • Learn how to live with a chronic illness
  • Answer questions about financial assistance for college tuition
  • Get assistance to quit smoking

Convenience Services are also available to help you:

  • Find a plumber
  • Locate auto repair shops
  • Find specialty stores
  • Learn about entertainment offers near you such as skydiving lessons or upcoming concerts
  • Locate an all-night pharmacy
  • Find an apartment broker or pet-sitter

To take advantage of these Life Event Resources, call 1-800-888-2998 or visit www.liveandworkwell.com and enter the TSRI access code: 10730.