Dental Plans


Delta Dental of California
P.O. Box 997330
Sacramento, CA 95899-7330

Group #8593

Tel: (888) 335-8227


A dental plan is available to employees and dependents through Delta Dental of California. This program covers two cleanings each year at 100% when seeing a Delta Dental PPO provider. Cleanings by Delta contracted and all other dentists are covered at 80% after the $50 annual deductible. To find a PPO dentist, visit www.deltadentalins.com or call (888) 335-8227. The following chart provides an overview of our Dental Plan.

Service PPO Delta Dentist Delta Premier Dentist All other Dentists
* Of "Reasonable and Customary" Charges
(Per Person)
(Waived for Diagnostic and Preventative Services)
$50 $50*
Diagnostic & Preventative Services
Exams and Cleanings (2 per 12 month period)
100% 80% 80%*
Basic Benefits
Oral Surgery, extractions, filings, endodontic and periodontal
80% 80% 80%*
Major Benefits
Crowns, jackets, cast restorations and implants
50% 50% 50%*
Orthodontic Benefits
(Dependents up to age 19)
50% 50% 50%*
Maximum Benefit
Per year per person
$1500 $1500 $1500